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 ​"...directors Brendan Healy and Gabrielle Schutz realized a funny thing about Chekhov. If you chopped and mixed lines from his canonical plays, it would make a lovely, melancholic, modern-workplace comedy. They artfully collaged a script, then decked out a room with rolling chairs, cubicle walls, a water cooler, etc. The result was a delight: As weird and funny as “The Office,” but with the occasional surreal flourish."

-Brendan Kiley, 7 memorable Seattle Theater Moments of the 2010s, The Seattle Times​

"The unwaveringly in-sync company (Macklen Mayse, Ashur Rayis, Rachel Schapira, and Gabrielle Schutz) leave their hearts and souls on the stage, and in fifty minutes completely transform the theater space and bring to it an entire lifetime."

-Katharine Nedder, Photo & Supply, Theatre is Easy​

"Imagine a sharp episode of “The Office” — if that sly sitcom were a live-theater piece blending loony sight gags and spasms of inspired physical comedy with poetic reveries of existential angst... this slice of office life (inventively staged by Brendan Healy, with Gabrielle Schutz) evokes the staff boredom, pettiness and dread in a bottom-feeding outfit that sells something shady via cold calls."

-Misha Berson, The Office Meets Chekhov in Suffering Inc., The Seattle Times​

"The "American Girl" in a prison jumpsuit (Gabrielle Schutz) and the foppish "English Boy" in a three-piece suit (Adam Standley) trade monologues about identical subjects from radically different perspectives. She is a brutish, naive hick and he is a brutish, jaded journalist...Actors Schutz and Standley keep calm and let Morris's language do the work."

-Brendan Kiley, Theatre Review Review, The Stranger

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